A Review of Distant Fields

Click to visit book site!“This is not just a ‘missions story’ this is Radical (the book) beyond the theoretical and into the real day to day life of just one very usual man with very unusual faith.

I was blessed to have George as my pastor for about 8 years and you know what? I didn’t ‘get’ him.

I enjoyed the sweet wine of the miracles that God did through George and his family and even saw how they flowed from the completely normal water of his life literally poured out for the Gospel. I loved and respected George. But I didn’t ‘get’ George.

Thankfully, his son-in-law Jed Gourley has done such a great job of tracking down friends and colleagues and family of George and telling his story in their words that after reading this – for the first time I realized so much more of why God did such groundbreaking work through George and his family in Ukraine.

Close to (over?) 20 churches spread throughput Ukraine – Kyrgyzstan and Siberia, Christian books translated- printed – and distributed, numerous worship albums with original songs, not to mention the countless lives added to the kingdom through the message of Grace that George not only preached but lived…and on and on…all of these works of God can trace their roots back to the direct influence of George’s faithful ministry of the Gospel.

But more than that, even though I knew George, I went to his church, ate meals with his family – this book challenged me – as if his story was completely new to me – to again wholeheartedly live for God. George’s story makes me long for heaven just like George did. I read it and was convinced once again to seek grace, to live boldly, to simply trust and obey.

I really recommend it (it’s a quick read!) and for anyone that doesn’t want to get to the end of their life and say – ‘Well, was it worth it?’ George lived life to the fullest, using every opportunity for the Kingdom and I’m blessed to have known him.”

– Cara Denny

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