My First Blog Post

If you’ve read Distant Fields, or already know the story, then you are familiar with Kristen Markey who was adopted by George and Pam Markey. Well, now Kristen has started a blog. Enjoy reading!

Kristen Markey

Hi, my name is Kristen Markey and I am twenty one years old. I live in Budapest Hungary with my mom. I have lived in Hungary for ten years in a little village called Vajta, but I just now moved to the city. The reason why I am with my mom is Because my mom is a missionary / teacher at a Bible College in Hungary. She teaches the Biblical Mission’s  Program.


I was born in Kiev, Ukraine. My whole family moved there in 1992. I have eight siblings, four sisters and four brothers. I am the youngest of nine children. They are all Americans and I was adopted four years after they moved. My sister Rhonda Kay and her friend were visiting baby’s in a Ukrainian Hospital. and after a while they find me when I was only a few month old. I was born with fetal alcohol syndrome…

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